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About Us

About the Founder

  • 1962: born
  • 1989: earned Bach Sci. in Physics
  • 1995: became a born-again Christian
  • 2005: out of work, began produing web sites in an attempt to earn income

I consider myself a born-again Fundamentalist Christian. However: I also accept and generally approve of most other varieties of Christianity. All sincere Christians share a desire to serve and worship God. That makes us all brothers and sisters in Christ.

About the Web Site

In 2005 I was out of work. Having had several years’ experience as a computer programmer, I decided (between jobs) to try my hand at producing web sites that might earn me income or work. (This is a task which could be done relatively cheaply from home). So: I taught myself the necessary skills (HTML, XHTML, CSS). Having a hobby-like fascination with the various English Bible versions that existed, I decided to produce a web site that evaluates Bible versions. The remains of this partially-finished web site are still online.

After I began earning a very slight income (about $10-$20 per month) from that and several other web sites I had produced, I decided to purchase web hosting and domain names, “real web sites”, and go into business part-time as a web site developer. So in 2006 was born.

Now it’s 2016 (as I’m writing this) and I am finally ready to try full-time self-employment as a web site designer. If you know someone who needs a web site either created or updated, please contact us.) I pray that we will be able to fulfill your web site design goals to your satisfaction, and always in a Christ-like manner.

Jim Pettis